Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oct. 29

Today my lovely break from a long day of work was a ride around the lake (Monona) with a stop for yoga and tea halfway around.

I was a little pressed for time so I didn't even stop to snap this picture:

Fortunately I had a partial tailwind. Temperature was 54 F, winds 17 mph gusting to 26 from the SSE.

The purple flowers at Atwood gardens were nice against the orange leaves.

Near the yoga studio, I passed by the house I lived in over 20 years. wow. I haven't gone by here in years but I might start taking this route a few times a week.

On the way home, here is the view across Monona Bay. The water tower is close to where I live. I can go left or right and it's about the same distance. I rode north coming in, and south heading home (to the right here).

I think these were coots:

We don't see them too much here. They must be migrating? Here's some more against a nice background:

I stopped at Washington Hotel coffee shop for some tea. on W. Lakeside. a very nice spot! good view of the lake. Then it started raining. I knew it was coming. that's what the rain gear is for. Here's my wet bike.

The wind died down a bit for my ride home, to 9 mph from the SE at 2:15. It didn't seem bad.

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