Tuesday, October 27, 2009

oct. 27

This morning was one of the prettiest rides I've ever done. I got to leave an hour later than yesterday so it was light out. Morning fog was dissipating, bringing clear skies. The fog, blue sky, and foliage was beautiful. And to top it off I had a long ride. My first destination was a yoga studio on the other side of Lake Monona, so I took the southern route. This involves turning left on Lakeview instead of going down the hill to Davies, Dempster and the bike path. The temperature was a cool 33 F, winds calm at 8 am. Here's Lakeview Ave:

Here's some morning fog still dissipating:

A view of the lake around the south side. I don't know the name of the bike path or streets here:

A beautiful birch tree:

Another sign of fall:

Riding by Wingra creek made me realize I want to get my kayak on this creek! I was starting to worry about being late so I snapped this photo while riding:

Now I'm on campus and will ride home about 6 pm, stopping at Revolution cycles for my bicycle maintenance class at 7 pm. So I'll get home about 10 pm. I've been meaning to mention the best part about winter (and fall and spring) biking: it's a great way to get outside and enjoy sunshine and fresh air, and beat the winter blues--though tonight's ride will be in the dark. Night rides can be nice and peaceful. Soon I will convince myself of the same about morning rides in the dark--otherwise I'm in for a depressing winter.


  1. Your fall colors are fantastic! Thanks for the pictures. Not so much color in Atlanta area this year. Perhaps the continual rain is affecting that.

  2. Hi Nancy, How's it going? We've had a cold and cloudy October, so the fall colors are definitely a highlight. The foliage is particularly good this year.