Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oct. 16

I'm writing 3 days later so I don't remember what I was thinking this morning. Temperature was 33 F, winds 13 mph from the north. I was just a bit late for class. Oh yeah, I remember it cleared up on my way home and was a pleasant ride. Temperature was 35, winds 9 mph from the north. I stopped at the co-op to get a few groceries. Here's the bike path at 6:53 am:

In the afternoon I rode to O'Keefe middle school to help some kids build lego robots. Temperature was 45 F and it felt hot! I dressed for colder. Here's the view from the school looking back to the bike path:

Then I headed to campus for the hockey game. I put my bike in housemate's car and got a ride home later on.

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