Thursday, March 19, 2009

mar 19

I went to a different exercise class so left later than usual.  Temperature was a cool 34 degrees F at 9:15 am, winds from the north at 10 mph.  I dropped my car off for an oil change so started one large block east of the bike path.  Here's the view of my usual start of the bike path across the field:

And here's the bike path where I caught it 1 large block north.  

On the way home, temperature was still a cool 36 degrees F, winds 7 mph from the NW.  I saw the bird making the noise I've been trying to identify--red wing blackbird.  So now I know 3 birdcalls.  That's 3 more than I used to know.   Oh, I took my winter bike into the bike shop for a tune up.    I should have taken a before picture.   

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