Tuesday, March 17, 2009

mar 17

The temperature was 49 degrees F at 6:53 am!  I was a little late because I had to find warmer clothes to wear than my usual.  Winds were SSW at 9 mph.  Here's the start of the bike path about 5 minutes before sunrise (sunrise is now 7:05 am):

The third quarter moon is at its high-point in the sky at sunrise (like noon for the sun):

I was riding a little bit faster than this train, and I took it's picture in motion:

At the gym, I finally see the sun.

On the way home at 8:53 am, temperature was 51 F, winds 11.5 mph from the SSW.  A bit of a headwind for the last half but not bad on my fast bike.  My bike ride is 10 minutes shorter than it was with the other bike on the snow.

The bike path on the long stretch behind Olbrich gardens is great for birds.  I never appreciated this before.  I can now recognize two bird calls (I'm a newbie).  I heard a cardinal, and looked up and there it was:

I heard a chickadee but haven't seen it yet.  They are all over the place though.  And the robins are a dime a dozen now:

This one was singing too but it will take a few times before I remember it's song.

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