Thursday, March 12, 2009

mar. 12

I was prepared with a bad attitude because I didn't sleep well, it was cold and windy, which meant I had to wear my goggles, and I was still mad about daylight savings time this morning.  But it wasn't so bad.  It wasn't too dark, it was mostly clear, the full moon was up, about to set as the sun rose, I was on the fast bike, and the birds were plentiful and fun to listen to.  Nope, wasn't bad at all.  Temperature was 5 degrees F with winds 6 mph from the North at 6:53 am.  Sunrise was 7:15 am.  Here's the moon in the western sky:

The start of the bike path about 7 am:

The moon about to set:

Sunrise at the gym:

And another robin!

He/she was very cooperative about posing for me but I took a bunch of stupid shots without her in it.  That's because I'm old and can't see things up close (i.e., the camera display).  I should have looked through the viewfinder.  Lesson learned.  Temperature was up to 8 F with winds 6 mph from the NNE on the way home.  Still a bit nippy.

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