Wednesday, April 8, 2009

apr. 8 ride

Yea, I'm back!  Vacation was fun but there's no place like home.  And riding my bike is one of my favorite things to do.  Today was a beautiful day.  The temperature was 35 F at 7:53 am with calm winds.    

The bike path doesn't look much different from 2 weeks ago (well, maybe the grass is slightly greener), so spring didn't progress much while we were gone--I heard the weather was cold and they got snow.  

After my fabulous yoga class, I rode by the lake on the way home.  Ah, here's a difference from two weeks ago--no more ice on the lakes.

I picked up my winter bike from the bike shop today.  It's cleaned, tuned up and ready for next year.  I got new fenders and a new derailleur.  yea!   

This post shows a before-tuneup picture.

Now I'm thinking of getting this bike fixed up:  

This could be fun to ride around the neighborhood.


  1. Awesome! Another vegan cyclist who blogs about both! I'm actually lucky enough to live within a 25 minute walk to work.. so I've been only walking back and forth for a while now... but the cycling will be restarting as soon as the snow goes.

  2. Hi Tuco! I checked out your blog. I like your zucchini bread recipe. I'll link to it from my blog. :)


  3. I recognize the lake view. Where are the ducks hanging out?