Wednesday, April 22, 2009

apr. 22

I went two whole weekdays without biking.  But today I got to bike twice and made up for it a little bit.  My first trip was to yoga, after dropping my car off for an oil change.  I caught the bike path a few hundred yards ahead of my usual spot:

Temperature was 44 F, winds from the WNW at 8 mph, at 7:53 am, so a bit of a headwind but not bad.  On the return at 10:30, temperature was up to 51 F, winds 10 mph from the NW so a nice tailwind.

Then in the afternoon, I had an appointment to get to (okay, a massage.  I took a half day off).  At the bottom of the hill where I live, I heard an interesting bird call and thought, oh, that's a hawk (I've been listening to my bird call CD!).  And there it was flying overhead.  I wish I'd got a picture of it flying because it was more obvious it was a red-tailed hawk, but this picture of it in a tree turned out better than I was expecting from my little camera:

Here's the start of the bike path at 2:30 pm:

Now the temperature was 58 F, winds 11.5 mph from the NW, a nice day!  After my "appointment",  I went grocery shopping and headed home about 5:30 pm.  Temperature was 56 F, winds 10 mph from the NNW.   

I forgot how much fun it is to ride the bike path in the late afternoon.  There's so much activity!   Look at all these bikes:

Which looks more fun, riding the bike path (left) or driving in the traffic (right)?

There's lots of other activity too with people walking their dogs and babies.  It's fun.

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