Friday, April 10, 2009

apr 10

Today the temperature was 31 F at 6:53 am, winds 11.5 mph from the NE, and another sunny day.  The view from the bike path:

It's always fun to ride along with the trains...

I brought my binoculars to look for loons on Lake Monona on the way home.  Temperature was 44 F, winds 22 mph gusting to 26 from the NNE!   The water was rough in the usual duck hangouts, so I feared I wouldn't see any ducks.  But further along the way home I saw a whole bunch of ducks.  They turned out to be coots.   

Even though it wasn't loons, it was still fun to see coots.  We usually only see mallards.   Then further on I saw some birds close-up which I think were cedar waxwings.    For a novice, I'd say this was a successful bird watching day.  I'm going to start carrying my binoculars over my shoulders.  There are so many birds behind Olbrich gardens.  The only problem is I might have to leave earlier as the dawdling factor will increase.  Also my danger of crashing into a car will increase as I crank my head to look up in the trees.

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