Thursday, April 9, 2009

apr 9

Another beautiful day and lovely ride.  Here's the start of the bike path:

This blog is going to get boring now that spring has hit.  Well, maybe we'll get a rainy day to spice it up.  It was 29 degrees F at 6:53 this morning when I left with calm winds.  It's spring break for the school kids so the roads and paths are much quieter, except for the birds.  Temp was up to 42 F on my way home with a nice 10 mph NW tailwind, yeah!  I rode by the lake again.  I like how the sunlight reflects off the water.    

I read in today's Isthmus that there are a bunch of loons on Lake Monona, maybe as many as 100.  This is unusual.  I will try to remember to bring my binoculars tomorrow.  It would be cool to see one.  As the article stated, it's rare for loons to hang out in cities, but the lakes north of us are still locked in ice.  Cool!


  1. Plenty of loons on campus... :-]

  2. haha. by the way, you are right, the ducks like to hang out further in the open water so that may be why there were at the ice edge before.