Thursday, April 30, 2009

apr 30

Today it was raining during my ride.  It was bound to happen eventually.  Actually it was nice.  The temperature was 51 F at 6:53 am which is warm enough.  I never stay completely dry but as long as it's not too cold, it's okay.  Winds were 3.5 mph from the east, so light.  The start of the bike path:

Starkweather creek was pretty with the rain drops falling on it:

The worms were all out on the bike path (getting smashed, unfortunately):

On the way home at 9 am, temperature was 53 F, winds 7 mph from the NE.

I think everything is prettier in the rain.  The vegetation glistens and is more vibrant.  

The hill going up to my house.  The trees are starting to get their leaves:

A magnolia tree:

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