Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov. 20 - 24

I've been too busy to post! going back in time to last Friday...the weather has been unseasonably warm, and both cloudy and sunny. I have some memories of brutally cold Novembers here, so I'm pretty happy, even with the clouds.

On Friday, Nov. 20, oh, I didn't ride my bike! I drove to Watertown to work with collaborators. okay, moving on.

On Sat., Nov. 21, I rode to yoga class and the grocery store. I forgot to snap a picture on the way out, but here's the way back along the lake:

Temperature was 49 F, winds 6 mph from the south at noon. Temperature was 51 winds 7 mph from the south on the return trip at 3 pm. It cleared up into a nice day!

On Sunday I rode to church. Temperature was 45 F, winds 7 mph from the south at 7:30 am.

Then I got a ride to the UW women's basketball game, then we went out, then I got a ride home and picked up my bike at the church. Here's me and Chris at the game.

We're twins, separated at birth. The only difference between us is that I'm a vegan.

On Monday the temperature was 41 F, winds from the east at 5 mph at 7 am.

Temperature was 43, winds 7 mph from the east on the way home at 9 am.

Yesterday, Tuesday Nov. 24, temperature was 46 F, winds 9 mph from the ENE for my longer trip to the near west side.

After yoga, I went to campus, then headed home about 4 pm. Temperature was 46 F, winds 10 mph from the east, and it was raining. And yet, I didn't mind. It was nice getting outside and I enjoyed the warmer than usual temperature. It got dark during my ride home. Here's a train crossing the road close to my home. The picture blurs in between train cars so you can see both the train car and the road behing it.


  1. Do you like the train one? I was just trying to get a shot in between cars but didn't realize it would blur like that. The effect was better than what I was intending. My best shots are usually accidental.

  2. Yep, the best ones almost always are. (True for drawing, too.)