Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nov. 2-5

I biked this week, just didn't have time to blog about it.

Monday was great because daylight savings time went away and it was light out at 7 am! woo hoo. I forgot to load the memory card into the camera. Temperature was 43 F, winds west at 5 mph, partly cloudy. A nice ride to and from exercise class.

Tuesday we took the day off because it was Marilyn's birthday. We rode our bikes to Edna Taylor park, just a few miles from the house. Here's a hawk. I haven't looked it up yet to see what kind.

It was a sunny but cool day, temperatures in the low 40s, winds less than 5 mph.

Wednesday SUCKED! Well it started out okay. I went to yoga at 8 am. It was a nice morning, temperature 40 F, winds 10 mph from the ESE.

And it was a nice afternoon too. I went to campus, and then planned to leave at 3:30 so I could get to an appointment at 5:30, and someone had let the air out of my tires and stole my front and rear bike lights. So then I had to scramble to try to get home to make my appointment. This is the second time in a year my bike has been vandalized outside the physics building on UW campus. That night I drove to my appointment with the bike in the car and stopped off at the bike shop to pump up the tires.

The tires were still inflated this morning when I rode to campus. Temperature was 48 at 11 am, winds 8 mph from the WSW, and clear skies:

Temperature was 51 F, winds 6 mph from the NW when I rode home at 3 pm.


  1. Wednesday sucked for my daughter in San Diego as well...accidentally spilled her coffee into her macbook at work. Fortunately she's weening herself from the 'latte's to americanos" so no milk or sugar in the spill. Compressed air and gravity saved the day and it started a few hrs later. She's vegetarian and trying to go off dairy and sugar.

    Glad the damage to your bike was fixable, but still...

  2. Hi Nancy! I'm glad your daughter's computer is okay. And for me to, no harm was done, just inconvenience!