Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov. 13-15

It's better to blog everyday because I forget things from a few days ago. Oh well, the pictures help remind me. Friday morning I left at 6:53 am, only a few minutes after sunrise. Temperature was 40 F, winds from the south at 15 mph. I was tired today but glad to be on the bike. Here's the start of the bike path. The sign has been taken down (replaced by small red flags at bottom left).

After exercise class I stopped at the grocery store, so rode along the lake on the way home for a change. That was nice.

On Saturday morning, I drove the car to the grocery store. I am afraid this is becoming a habit. It is so convenient to load up on the heavy stuff. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to go to yoga class in the afternoon and ride my bike. It was a nice warm day. The temperature was 54 F, and winds were calm. nice! Here's the bike path:

I stopped at the bike shop on my way home to get some supplies so I can change my brake pads. Hopefully I'll be successful.

Today I saw 3 hawks and either a hawk or an owl in the space of about 500 yards, behind the closed feed mill and Olbrich gardens. It was a brisk 32 F, with winds 7 mph from the North when I left. Here's the bike path without the sign.

Here's one of the hawks.

There were two other hawks in the same area as this one. I didn't think they liked to hang out near each other. The owl or hawk was in a tree being harrassed by crows. He had a fatter body than most hawks so that's why I wondered if it was an owl. I now have a newfound appreciation for the trees without leaves because you can see the birds better.

The temperature was 44 F when I returned at 11 am, but I was still chilled from church and my new extremely short hair cut.

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