Sunday, June 5, 2011

Capital City trail and "Ride the Drive"

Today was a very fun road bike ride.  I did my favorite ride--halfway around Lake Monona, then hook up to the Capital City Trail and take that until it meets up with the Southwest bike path back into town---a fun downhill ride for about 5 miles, then my usual bike path home to the east side.  The ride is mostly on bike paths both in the countryside and city.  I really enjoy it.  That ride is usually is about 25 miles, but I did a 3-mile detour today because it was "Ride the Drive"!   John Nolen Dr and East Wash were closed to cars and full of bikes instead.  It was so fun!  I wish rush hour looked like this every day!

Here were some beautiful trees on the Capital City trail.  Were they dogwoods in bloom?  I don't know.

 Here's John Nolan drive,

 and East Wash.
It was a perfect day, about 80 degrees, sunny, low wind and humidity.

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