Thursday, February 4, 2010

GPS toy

I got a little wrist-GPS for Christmas. I tried it out today. I determined that it's 3.9 miles to my yoga class. If I remember tomorrow, I'll find out how far it is to my exercise class. My speed was too slow to admit to you. Max speed was 18.5 mph because I live at the top of a hill. Here's the route I took:

It's not a very detailed map, but it's still kinda fun to see it.


  1. What kind is it? Do you like it or is it useful?

  2. It's a Garmin 305 GPS that fits on your wrist. It's just a toy I got for Christmas. It's a nice thing to borrow if you want to see how long your route is, but after a few times, I don't see the point. You can borrow mine if you want. ha. I don't even know you. But I'm sort of serious. My friend got it for me for mountain biking. It might be useful when I go kayaking too, as it's easy to turn down the wrong fork on a river. It's meant to be good for jogging and bike training where you can push yourself and monitor your speed and heartrate etc.


  3. All the fancy snowbike racers use something similar. See? (the chart at the top is data from some kind of Garmin.) During the summer, I tend to like wandering around rural Dane County on a bike, so I've been considering getting one. Would be nice to know total elevation change for a ride in the southwest, for example.

    Also, thanks for the offer, but I'm probably not the person to whom you want to lend delicate electronics...

  4. yeah, that's my interest too, to see elevation change and distance while mountain biking. And I'll play with the heartrate and training stuff while jogging. I don't know how much I'll use that, but it could be fun. And hopefully I can make it useful for kayaking if it will tell me location...