Saturday, January 30, 2010

last week in January

Is it my imagination or are there more birds out in the morning? This week, I heard chickadees doing the song I haven't heard since last spring. I saw cardinals. They stay over all winter so that's not a surprise. It just seemed noisier on the bike rides in. Maybe it was because the sun is slowly rising earlier so I'm just catching the birds waking up again.

I was out of town for almost 3 weeks in January. When I returned, I drove my car for a few days in cloudy weather. Then I just felt crazy! I don't know how people can stand to not get outside in winter. It makes me depressed. So I got on my bike again on Tuesday, and it was great. It was a cold week, but sunny and nice. Friday morning was the coldest with temperature -4 F when I left, but winds were calm. Thursday was warmer, at 3 F, but the winds were 10-15 mph from the NW, gusting to 25, so that felt as cold or colder. I was so bundled up it didn't matter. My new mittens are great! I also got a cheap new down coat (not vegan, oops) on sale for $36! It's perfect for biking, because it's shorter than my other warm coats. It's a men's coat, a little too big, but allows lots of layers which I like. I bundle up about twice as much as other bikers. I'm skinny and I bundle up until I'm fat; and I like to be toasty!

It's good to be back!

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