Sunday, September 20, 2009

sept. 20

Yea, I finally biked today! I still have this darn cold but it's slowly getting better.

I left at 8:30 am. Temperature was 55 F, winds 6 mph from the SSE. here's the lovely bike path:

After church I went grocery shopping, then headed home about noon. Temperature was up to 72, winds 7 mph from the SE.

Then this afternoon I played with my new toy. Here are my 3 favorite toys right now:

The bike on the right is new. Consumer barbie went shopping last week and bought a mountain bike. Biking barbie is very excited. This afternoon I adjusted the SPD pedals for my shoes and did slow figure 8s around the garden--practicing sharp turns at slow speeds. I fear doing this with toe clips so it was good fun practice. Oh, and this weekend I went on a kayak trip. But that's for another blog.

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